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McLean Little League Softball Program

The Softball Program offers fivelevels of play: Major League, Minor League (AAA and AA), Transition, and Seniors  Softball.

Major League Softball is the highest level of softball competition in the Little League. All players league age 10-12 are eligible to play at this level.  Nine year olds may request eligibility, but will only be made eligible for the majors draft in exceptional circumstances. 

Players are individually selected to teams by team managers through a player draft that is conducted prior to the spring season. Once selected to a Major League team, a player is expected to complete their LL eligibility (through 12 years of age) with that team.

Teams play an average of 2 games per week and typically practice twice a week.

Minor League Softball. MLL will have  two (AAA and AA) minor league levels. All 9-12 year old players not drafted onto a Majors Softball Team will be assigned to a AAA or AA team. Based upon skills shown at tryouts and the number of players available to form teams at various levels of play, some 8 year olds (and, in special circumstances, occasionally a 7 year old ) wishing to “play up” may be assigned to AA teams. Eight year olds may request eligibility for AAA. but will only be made eligible for AAA in exceptional circumstances.  While the emphasis is on skill development, AAA is competitive: scores and standings are kept and players are selected to teams in the spring through a player draft. In AA, while scores may be  kept, there are no standings. At each level, players pitch some innings while other innings are pitched by machine, with the goal being by the end of the spring season (if not sooner) to have all player pitching at AAA and as much as practical at AA.

Transition Softball is geared to 7 and 8 year old girls (6 year olds with one or two years of t-ball experience will be considered for this level on a case by case basis). The goal of Transition Softball is instructional, with an emphasis on player development, teaching basic skills and introducing softball rules. Pitching at this level is by machine and neither scores nor standings are kept.

Seniors Softball is for players 13 through 18 years of age.  The league’s Seniors program was restarted successfully in the fall of 2011, but the overall program at this level is still in a developmental stage.  It is anticipated that the seniors team(s) will play other area teams (e.g.,in Arlington and Great Falls) of similar age levels. It is also possible that the team would play a local travel tournament or two, but such determination would only be made in consultation with the participating families and could be subject to supplemental charges to cover travel tournament fees.

Fall Ball has all five of the above levels. The emphasis of fall ball at all levels is on development. All levels are low key. No standings are kept at any level nor is there a draft. The fall ball program is supplemented with several skills clinics for Majors and Minors players.

Questions regarding the Softball Program should be directed to the Vice President of Softball, Brad Prendergast at prendergast@mcleanll.com.