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Player Evaluations

Evaluations are necessary for league placement and to help in drafting teams with equitable talent. Evaluations are required for the Spring season ONLY, and only for baseball and softball levels AA and higher.

All players who register by the last date of registration will be placed on a team; however, registrations received/postmarked after the closing date will be accepted with a late fee, but players may be placed on a waiting list. 

Managers will draft players shortly after the evaluation window is closed.

Please note: if you mail your registration, and a tryout is required, it is your responsibility to contact the league to schedule a tryout.

Contact Information:

Softball: Brad Prendergast ( cleanll.com) and

Amy Stallmer (stallmer@mcleanll.com)

Baseball (Majors and Minors): Matt Tallen (tallent@mcleanll.com) and 

Charlie Moss (moss@mcleanll.com)