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2019 Local Rules


2018 Local Rules

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2017 Local Rules

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2016 Local Rules 

http://files.LeagueAthletics.com/Images/Club/5464/MLL 2016 Rules_Final.docx

2015 Local Rules 


The McLean Little Board of Directors voted in October 2011 to implement a so-called Common Pool draft in the Majors, AAA and AA baseball divisions, beginning with the spring 2012 season.

Previously, any player born on an even day of the month (e.g. January 2) was placed in the American League. Any player born on an odd day (e.g. January 3) was placed in the National League. We still will have the American and National leagues. But now, any player may be drafted into either league.

Softball2012 AAA and AA Pitching Rules

Lightning Policy

2011 McLean Little League Local Rules and Little League International Rule Changes

2011 Local Rules

Applicable to Majors Baseball Only:

Any player inserted into a game either as a starter or as a substitute, must play at least six (6) consecutive defensive outs and get one (1) at bat before being removed from the game.  All players must have been inserted into a game no later than the start of the 4th inning.

Lightning Policy

Little League International's 2011 Rule Changes.

Softball:  2011 AAA & AA Pitching Rules

2010 Rule Changes
Little League International Announces Changes, Adjustments to 2010 Playing Rules, Regulations.


Little League Rules Changes:  The results of the voting on rule change proposals at the 25th International Congress Agenda, in Louisville this month are posted on the Little League website.
The Rule Changes modified for the 2010 Season here.