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 Tournament Information

Tournament Team Eligibility Affidavit Tutorial

Tournament Team Affidavit - Baseball

Tournament Team Affidavit - Softball

Tournament Verification Checklist

Format to Tournament Affidavit Binder

Majors Managers:

1.  The All-Star Managers will be selected by the Board of Directors.
2.  The mandatory All-Star District 4 Managers Meeting:  more information coming soon!

3.  The managers of each league will meet with their league Vice President and me to finalize the All-Star teams. No coaches or others will attend these manager meetings.

4.  The teams can practice, once their names are announced on TBD, and the practice does not interfere with a players regular team practice or City Series games.

5.  The board will decide at the next meeting when to announce the 9/10 team.

6.  All-Star managers should contact the parents as soon as the teams have been selected to confirm availability for All-Star Tournament competition.
7.  All AAA and Majors parents will be advised this week of the schedule for District, State. Regional and World Series Tournaments.  Hopefully, this will benefit those parents who think their child might be an All-Star to avoid scheduling an overnight camp or other activity that might prevent their child from playing All-Stars.
8.  The Starliper Tournament (for the AAA American and National League Championship teams) is:  TBD.  Schedule will be available on the website.
9.  Little League Tournament Affidavit Tutorial is listed in the above link.
10.  Little League Tournament Affidavit Form is attached.  When you enter a player's name & address it will automatically generate a Medical release form with this info.

11.  Also linked above is a checklist of verifications necessary for each player.  This particular form is for your guidance only and not a current Little League Tournament document.  Remember PASSPORTS ARE NOT AN ACCEPTABLE FORM OF IDENTIFICATION BY LITTLE LEAGUE, INC.

12.   Also linked above is more information on the preparation of the 3-ring tournament binder as "requested" by the District 4 Administrator.