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Common Pool Draft

The McLean Little Board of Directors voted in October 2011 to implement a so-called Common Pool draft in the Majors, AAA and AA baseball divisions, beginning with the spring 2012 season.

Previously, any player born on an even day of the month (e.g. January 2) was placed in the American League. Any player born on an odd day (e.g. January 3) was placed in the National League. We still will have the American and National leagues. But now, any player may be drafted into either league.

The Board took this action after considerable contemplation to ensure that all players are drafted to their appropriate level and are not penalized in any way because of their dates of birth.

We know you will have questions, so we have tried to answer as many as we can in the FAQ below. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email either of the baseball vice presidents.

Thank you.

Q:  What if my child already is on a Majors team? Will he have to do another tryout and be re-drafted?

A: No. All players who have already been drafted to a Majors team will remain with that team. No returning Majors player will have to switch teams.

Q: If my child is on a National League Majors team (or an American League Majors team), is there any possibility he would change leagues?

A: No. All existing Majors teams will remain in their respective leagues.

Q: If my son is drafted onto a Majors team in 2012, will he have to be re-drafted in 2013?

A: No. As is the case now, once a player is drafted on to a Majors team, he will stay on that team for the duration of his Little League play.

Q: What if my son was on a AAA (or AA) team last year in the American League? Is it possible he would be drafted in 2012 by a National League team?

A: Yes. Players who are not already on a Majors team may be drafted into either league.

Q: What about tryouts? How will they change?

A: They will not change in any noticeable way for players. Players still will do a timed run of 60 feet; hit balls hurled from a pitching machine; field ground balls and popups and throw.

Q: How do I reach the baseball vice presidents if I have other questions?

A: Via email. or