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Intermediate 50/70 Baseball

McLean Little League’s two Intermediate Division teams – the McLean Blues and the McLean Reds – are out on the road this season playing teams from other Little Leagues in Districts 4 and 9. McLean Little League has embraced an Interleague competitive structure that allows the Blues and the Reds to compete against neighboring districts and leagues during the regular season.

The regular season game schedules for the Blues and the Reds are posted on the Mclean Little League Website.  At the end of the regular season, an MLL Intermediate All-Star team will compete for the District 4 Intermediate Division title.

Come out and support the Blues and Reds as they represent McLean across Northern Virginia!


MLL Intermediate Division: Big Field and Advanced Rules

Did you know that Intermediate Division a.k.a 50/70 baseball is as much about expanded rules as it is about expanded field dimensions? An Intermediate field has a 50 foot distance from the plate to the mound and bases 70 feet apart, whereas a standard Little League field is 46/60.  It is, however, the fuller baseball rules in Intermediate Division that take the players to the next level of competition.  

The fuller baseball rules which allow for faster and more dynamic play include:

  • lead offs and pick offs are allowed
  • when balks, an illegal act by the pitcher, are called, all base runners 
  • advance
  • runners are allowed to slide head first
  • pitchers are allowed 95 pitches per day
  • a standard game is 7 innings
  • doubleheaders are permitted
  • the on-deck batting position is permitted
  • metal cleats and spikes are allowed
  • once a pitcher is removed from the mound, if the pitcher remains in the game at a different position, the pitcher may return to the mound as pitcher later in the game 

In addition, the Intermediate Division has its own dedicated World Series which debuted in 2013.


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